Registered Under Societies Registration Act 21, 1860- 642/1971- 72

About Us

      Kamla Nehru Seva Sadan was established several decades ago in the year 1971 by the inspiration of honorable Smt Indira Gandhi, on the name of Mrs. Kamla Nehru whose life imbibes a spirit of courage, progressive outlook and the confidence to show that the strength of women alone can move unabated even in the face of humungous odds. Her untiring efforts for women empowerment ignited the desire of Mrs. Yadurai Devi to set up an organization which could bring about changes at the grass root level so that the conditions might improve for better and permanent in nature, with this extraordinary dream she alongwith Shanti kureel, Shanta Singh, Sushila Nigam,Savitri Devi and Shyam Lal Bajpai went ahead to give it a shape. The organization was set up by the name of Kamla Nehru Mahila Audyogik Seva Sadan as a non –profitable,non-political organization,registered under Societies Registration Act 1860 with headquarter at Barabanki and aimed primarily at development of women by providing adult and vocational education. The then board launched Education programme and established a recognized school, by the name of Kamla Nehru Bal Seva Sadan which has been imparting primary as well as adult education and also provided vocational trainings to women for their holistic development and self reliance. In subsequent years the organization has evolved into a national level organization and was renamed as Kamla Nehru Seva Sadan with the basic goals being widened and comprehended, the focus now being an integrated development of a self-reliant healthy society .
    • Vision
    • The vision of the organization is “Attainment of a self- reliant, healthy society through the process of optimum utilization of available resources with a participatory approach”.
    • Mission
    • The mission of the organization is “Long range holistic development by creating a knowledgeable society, provide quality health services, agricultural development, education & vocational skills to get in to self-employment or employment & create more and more job avenues, women empowerment.
    • Main Objective
    • 1. Eradicate illiteracy by setting up primary education institute & to impart adult education.
      2. To develop self sustainable society by developing vocational institute.
      3. Women emancipation.
      4. Health and nutrition education.
      5. To make health facilities available and create awareness for diseases like HIV/aids, cancer, hepatitis, tuberculosis in urban as well as rural community.
      6. Environmental awareness, nature conservation and improvising the condition of drinking water and public toilets in rural areas.
      7. To facilitate elderly people, destitute, orphans with safe homes and to prepare differently abled ones for the mainstream of society.
      8. Endeavoring to foster the moral and ideals of national unity, devotion, peaceful co-existence among youth.
      9. To bring about an effective change in the life of slums.
      10. To enlighten the rural people about family planning programmes, population control, gender equality .
      11. To help people realize the consumer rights as provided by our constitution.
      12. To end up the social evils, rudiments and outdated superstitions those are eating up into the very vitals of nation.
      13. Promoting agriculture development by imparting education and training for effective and efficient agriculture methodologies and food processing technologies.
      14. To prepare and provide the underprivileged, backward and unemployed population with new job opportunities and forward linkages.
      15. To educate and inform the youth, uneducated, ignorant rural population and children regarding social rights, moral values and human rights.